Alloy AC Casting Pewter Ingot (92% Tin,7.75% Sb,0.25% Cu) Britannia - 563F - 650F

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  • Alloy AC Casting Pewter Ingot (92% Tin,7.75% Sb,0.25% Cu) Britannia - 563F - 650F
  • Alloy AC Casting Pewter Ingot (92% Tin,7.75% Sb,0.25% Cu) Britannia - 563F - 650F
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Sold by the ingot.

This is alloy is consistent with old fashion English pewter (Britannia 8) or Britannia Pewter International standard for lead free pewter. ASTM : B560-00

Ingots weigh about 1 pound and measure approximately 3/4" x 1-1/2" x 4". Also know as Britannia Alloy, the AC Casting Pewter alloy is an an excellent casting pewter that contains approximately 92% Tin, 7.75% Antimony and .25% Copper.

Britannia metalhas been used for making various utensils, including teapots, jugs, drinking vessels, candlesticks, and urns, and for official maces. Britannia metal is harder, stronger, and easier to work than other tin alloys; it can be worked from sheets, like silver, or spun on a lathe. The alloy is first mentioned in 1769, as “Vickers White Metal,” but it was during the 19th century that the advantages of britannia metal were appreciated. The copper makes the metal more ductile so that it can be formed more easily with a hammer if necessary.

The melting point is 563F degrees, the pouring temperature is 650F degrees, and it has a density of 7.28 g/cm3.

This is a sample of a typical analysis of our stock alloy:

Element Minimum Percentage
Maximum Percentage
Sn - Tin 91 92.5
Sb - Antimony 7.75 8.250
Cu - Copper 0.25 0.5
Pb - Lead <0.05  
Fe - Iron <0.015  
As - Arsenic <0.050  
Bi - Bismuth <0.080  
Zn - Zinc <0.005  
Al - Aluminum <0.005  
Cd - Cadmium <0.050  
Ni - Nickel <0.050  



Solidus (F°) 471
Liquidus (F°) 563
Pouring Temperature (F°) 650-675
Density (lbs/in³) 0.263
Specific Gravity (g/m³) 7.28
Brinell Hardness 23.5/11
Shear Strength 6700
Tensile Strength (tons./in.²) 8,600
Elongation % 8.5
Compressive Strength (tons./in.²) 10,900



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