All Bar/Stick solder is sold by the stick - Regular Bar can be ordered 1 bar/stick at a time; Tri-Bar is priced per pound and has a 50 pound minimum order.

Solder Uses
95/5 Tin/Antimony - For use in air conditioning, refrigeration, and high-temperature applications. It has high strength and a matte finish, and melts and flows like 50/50 tin/lead solder.

63/37 Tin/Lead - Has a low melting point and exceptional flow. For electronics and stainless steel.

60/40 Tin/Lead - The most popular dipping solder for electronic applications. Its low melting range makes it ideal for delicate work.

50/50 Tin/Lead -  General purpose solder handles standard tinning and sheet metal work.

40/60 Tin/Lead - A good general purpose dipping solder.

30/70 Tin/Lead - Solder for machine and torch soldering.