Zinc Sheet Install Videos and Patina

Zinc Sheet Install Videos and Patina

We have put together these videos to help give a basic idea on how to fabricate our zinc sheets into a countertop or table. We used very basic tools to accomplish the installation. It is possible to achieve a great looking finished product made out of zinc with very little work! If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-779-1102.

Here is a Helpful Video on the Gluing and Patina Process

Over all countertops video with all steps  


Here is a Video on the Sealing options for after a Patina or to protect Natural Zinc

Here is a video on Zinc Sheet Soldering Tips and Tricks

This is an example of how to glue a zinc sheet to a laminate surface.

Shows the beginning of the process of putting patina on a zinc sheet.

And this video shows how to apply patina and seal a zinc sheet.



Below is a video of a basic installation of a zinc countertop. PART 1

Part 2 demonstrates how to cut and bend your zinc sheet down and over the sides of your 3/4" plywood board.

Part 3 shows a basic way of gluing down the sheet with contact cement or other wood metal bonding adhesives.

Part 4 shows how to buff out and give your sheet a uniform, finished look.

Part 5 shows the process of soldering zinc sheets together.

We will have more helpful installation tip videos soon. Check back often!
Video below demonstrates the use of different patinas for zinc sheets. We just brushed them on and let them sit. You can effect the color by playing with the temperatures and dwell time on the sheet.

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