Zinc Anodes/Products

Zinc Anodes/Products

Zinc Metal Anodes & Ingots

Zinc anodes are designed to protect your buried or submerged metal structure components from corrosion. A zinc sacrificial anode is placed between two other metals and works by "sacrificing" itself. This means that the anode will corrode before the other two important metals. Anodes should be changed at least once per year and can be used in many applications, from boats to offshore pipelines.

Rotometals provides high-quality anodes and other zinc products. Whether you're searching for zinc metal ingots, cast rods, extruded rods or wire, we've got you covered. Zamak 3 ingots are used in over 70 percent of all North American zinc die castings. From Zamak 3 ingots to Zamak ZA 8 ingots, we guarantee you won't find higher quality or better-priced zinc products anywhere else. Browse our selection of zinc metal products today!

Don't forget! We offer bulk discounts. Give us a call or send us an email or fax with the quantity you need for bulk pricing.


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