Chamber Casting Alloy Ingot aka low 158-190F

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  • Chamber Casting Alloy Ingot  aka low 158-190F
  • Chamber Casting Alloy Ingot  aka low 158-190F
  • Chamber Casting Alloy Ingot  aka low 158-190F
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Sold by the ingot. Ingot weighs approximately 1 pound.

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Rotometals Chamber Alloy (158-190) is the best known material from which to make a casting of the chamber and throat of a firearm to determine caliber or check the dimensions. It melts at a temperature just above M & M's, so all you need is a propane torch and a bullet casting ladle. It can also be used to make a cast of a dovetail slot or any other hard to measure area. Also, it is great for removing the front half of a case from the chamber, in the event of case head separation; and lots of folks cast a small portion of the barrel to determine bore diameter. For best results, measure the casting one hour after casting. Contains 42.5% Bismuth, 8.5% cadmium, 37.7% lead, 11.3% Tin.

MEASUREMENTS 2.25" x 2.25" x .75"

Technical Information

Basic Instructions
  • Plug the bore immediately ahead of the throat of the chamber using a small cleaning patch.
  • Pour the alloy directly into the chamber until full and allow Melting Point to cool, it will turn a shiny silver color. As soon as it has cooled enough that it is no longer a liquid (and doesn't present a burn hazard), remove it from the chamber. Take care not to overfill the chamber as the alloy will then run into the locking lug area, making removal extremely difficult.
  • During the first 30 minutes of cooling cerrosafe shrinks. At the end of one hour it should be "exactly" chamber size.

  • Melts between 158 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Should be melted in a clean iron ladle without direct flame on the product.
  • The chamber being cast should be cleaned thoroughly and a thin coat of oil or graphite applied.
  • Reusable

    Contraction expansion factor versus time, measured in inch per inch compared to cold mold dimensions. Test Bar x 10 (Below measurements are x/10,000ths of an inch. ex: 0.0025" is 25/10,000ths of an inch)
  • 2 minutes - .0004"
  • 6 minutes - .0007"
  • 30 minutes - .0009"
  • 1 hour + .0000"
  • 2 hours + .0016"
  • 5 hours + .0018"
  • 7 hours + .0019"
  • 10 hours + .0019"
  • 24 hours + .0022"
  • 96 hours + .0025"
  • 200 hours + .0025"
  • 500 hours + .0025"
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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Chamber casting alloy

    Posted by Kolyn on Jun 17th 2023

    Very good Worked great did three unmarked barrels

  • 5

    Alloy ingot low 158-190F

    Posted by John F Leach on Jan 22nd 2022

    I used this to cast a pyrite crystal to make a detector for a crystal radio I am making. I melted the alloy in a copper plumbing end cap using a heat gun and placed the crystal on top of the molten metal. The detector brought in a very strong signal.

  • 5

    chamber casting alloy

    Posted by John Mims on Sep 29th 2021

    This alloy is ideal for making replicas of antique s that are missing metal parts. A mold can be made from parts to be replicated by using epoxy. The melting temperature of this alloy does not affect the mold.

  • 5

    Chamber casting alloy

    Posted by Daniel Smith on Mar 24th 2021

    Works just as good as i could expect. Was much more attractively priced than many alternatives.

  • 5

    Chamber casting

    Posted by Lee Stalnaker on Mar 2nd 2021

    Worked great! Timely delivery. I’m pleased!

  • 5

    various metals

    Posted by Kent English on Nov 2nd 2020

    Clean metal, fast service, excellent communication.

  • 5

    Chamber Casting Alloy Ingot

    Posted by Ken Nelson on Aug 28th 2019

    A speedy doorstep delivery in my case VIA FedEx as I live way up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains West of Yosemite National Park. All Items ordered were well packaged and were remarkably accurate as to their advertised weight. I had spent a good deal of time browsing the Rotometals Web page where found a treasure-trove of valuable data on their products. Highly recommended and I will continue to do business with them.

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