Metal We Buy Back Scrap Dross

Metal We Buy Back Scrap Dross

Scrap Metal Reclamation

Competitive, Reliable Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions
Rotometals has warehouses on both coasts and provides business-to-business
scrap metal recycling solutions.  We provide our customers with:


  • Competitive Scrap Prices
  • On-Time Payment
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Environmentally Responsible Recycling  and Documentation for your company’s records

 Do you have NON Ferrous scrap or dross you need to get rid of?

For pricing, please email with the material you would like to sell back, total weight of the material, purity (if known), and a picture and we will get back to you with pricing and shipping suggestions.

 RotoMetals can guarantee that your scrap metals and dross, regardless of quantities, will be processed in an ISO Certified 14001 facility.

We are buyers and recyclers of all tin and lead based alloys as as well as other nonferrous metals and hard to recycle metals.  Some of the scrap metals we purchase include:

  • Radiator Drippings, Dross, and Pot Dumpings
  • Lead - Ingot, Sheet, Random - Must be clean, no paint
    Lead Shot - Reclaimed- no dirt
    Antimony - any form
    Tin - Used Plating Anodes, Ingots - any form
    Indium - any shape
    Solder - Tin/Lead/Antimony 
  • Electronic Pot Dumpings – i.e. 60/40, 63/37, 97/3, 95/5 and SAC Alloys
  • Sweated & Unsweated Electronic Dross – i.e. 60/40, 63/37, 97/3, 95/5 and SAC Alloys
  • Tin Dross from Tin Coating of Copper
  • Pure Tin Dross and Tin Skimmings
  • High Tin, Babbitt Metal, and Dross
  • Pewter and Jewelry Scrap, Drippings, Dross, and Pot Dumpings
  • Tin Plating Sludge
  • Solder Scrap and Dross from Electronic and Industrial Processes
  • Clean Scrap Lead, Cable Lead, Soft Lead, and Scrap Mixed Lead
  • Tin/Zinc Metal & Dross
  • Silver bearing materials and silver solder
  • Tin bearing metals
  • Lead scrap and lead alloys
  • Bismuth and Bismuth Alloys – Metal and Drosses
  • Hard to Recycling Materials


In order to make sure that we can purchase your metal, you may send a small sample to us at:

Attn-Buy Back
865 Estabrook St
San Leandro, CA 94577

If you would to test your material first, you can have it tested using our XRF Analysis 



If you have any questions please email   attn Scrap 

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