Also known as sacrificial anodes, pencil anodes, or engine anodes, these zinc rods are consumed by any electrolytic action that would otherwise attack and corrode your valuable equipment. Our zinc rods protect engines, heat exchangers, pipes, condensers, water cooling jackets and so on from corrosion and scaling in hot water applications and may be used in cold water as well. Ideal for use in salt water. All zinc alloys are made to the MIL-A-18001K spec (aka ASTM B-418 Type 1)

Zn %       Balance
Fe  %        0.001
Cu %          0.001
Cd   %       0.054
Pb %          0.002
Al %          0.24


We have 5 types of Pencil/Engine Zinc Anodes, follow the links below to see each one:

Type C Anodes have a steel wire core that helps the anode hold onto that last bit of zinc. They have NF threads and are less expensive.

Type P Anodes function the same as the Type C but have NC threads and do not have the steel wire.
Please note that while Types C and P are not interchangeable, you can use a complete C in the place of a P.

Type G Anodes screw together for any desired length.

Type S Anodes slide onto a 3" or 6"steel rod and then are screwed into a brass plug.

Type E-Series Anodes are pre-cut engine anodes complete with brass plug and zinc.

Cor-In Anodes are the Most Popular!



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