Pictures Of Zinc Sheets Installed

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Custom fit soft zinc caps to a contemporary fence we installed at a residential property.




For this project: Our Customer Doug used 0.030 Zinc Sheet applying with sponge Cupric Sulfate Patina .



 For this project: Our Customer used 0.030 Zinc Sheet Extra wide 49.2 Natural. 

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For this project: 0.030 Zinc Sheet was used, with Cupric Sulfate Patina heavily diluted. Straps color were made with very light diluted Cupric Sulfate Patina. Decorative nail BD86-90.


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zinc-table-14584702026-o.jpg   diy-dining-room-zinc-table-16388627425-o.jpg   

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diy-zinc-desk-16387653582-o.jpg   custom-zinc-range-hood-rotometalscom-16195164607-o.jpg

zinc-range-hood-2-tone-patina-16193614228-o.jpg   high-end-kitchen-in-san-francisco-8319695483-o.jpg

zinc-bar-8320779682-o.jpg   zinc-bar-8320779342-o.jpg

zinc-bar-8320756694-o.jpg   cook-tavern-zinc-bar-16379517361-o.jpg

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zinc-bar.jpg   outdoor-zinc-planters-8319718461-o.jpg  fullsizerender-9.jpg 


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