Custom Metal Casting

Custom Metal Casting

RotoMetals works with many local and national foundries that can do your custom metal gravity casting for you. We have special deals with these foundries and by merging multiple pours together we can offer great prices with low batch set up fees. We can pour Zinc, Lead, Antimony, Babbitt, Tin, Indium, Bismuth, or any combination of those metals to form a special alloy for you.

Send us your mold, and we can have it filled for you. We can not build molds, unless you want a square, circle, rectangle. We then can have it filled with a certain weight or to a certain level. We will charge a price per pound, depending on the metal desired and the amount used and the complexity of the mold.

Great for custom counter weights, sail boat keels, window weights, or creating your own unique metal part.

If you have any questions or would like a quote please email or call us 1-800-779-1102


Samples of Lead / zinc Counterweight pours


Here is a 3000 lb casting in a Steel Cylinder