Tin Metal

Tin Metal

Tin Metal Ingots

Rotometals stocks a variety of tin products, such as pure tin plates and electroplating tin anodes. The tin we supply is Grade A 99.5%+  percent pure and comes in numerous different forms. From tin cut wire pieces and ingots to long bars and popcorn flakes, we supply a plethora of products for all your special projects.
Uses for tin:

  • Electroplating and soldering,  Repairing copper pots   Making conductive magnets  Corrosion protection  Food preservation

Please browse our selection of tin products to find exactly what you need. Rotometals offers truly competitive prices and free shipping on orders over $149, making it the No. 1 place to buy tin online!

Click here to download the SDS Sheet for the Tin Metal.      Click here to download the SDS Sheet for the retinning flux.