Bismuth Shot

Bismuth Shot



We are proud to introduce a Non Toxic Lead Free 
alternative Bismuth Shot for reloading.  Rotometals Bismuth Shot is great for waterfowl and upland game birds where lead is now banned.  Rotometals Bismuth Shot is a also a great alternative for lead free ballast weight and has a similar density to lead.

Fact: There is no manufacturer of “perfectly round” Bismuth Shot in today’s market.
Fact: No other non-toxic shot performs as similar to lead than Bismuth Shot.

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High quality Bismuth Shot is made using an alloy with ~94% Bismuth and ~6% Tin. At Rotometals, our Bismuth Shot production utilizes this same alloy while ensuring strict production procedures are followed to provide you with Bismuth Shot comparable to any on the market today.  Custom Sizes and alloys are also available. Please email request to



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