High Purity 99.9% Pure Zinc Zn Sheet Plate Metal Foil 100x0.2mm for Science Lab (Pack of 5)

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Product features

  • Size : 100 x 100 x 0.2mm
  • Zinc is a bluish-white metal. At room temperature, brittle; 100 ~ 150℃,become softened; exceed 200℃, they become brittle.
  • In nature, the multi-state presence sulfide
  • Atomic radius (calc) 135 (142) pm
  • Covalent radius 131 pm

Product description


Item Descriptions:
-Zinc is a bluish-white metal
-Zinc is a bluish-white metal. A density of 7.14 g / cc, a melting point of 419.5 ¡æ. At room temperature, brittle; 100 ~ 150 ¡æ,become softened; exceed 200 ¡æ, they become brittle. Zinc chemically is active. In the air of normal temperature,the surface will form a layer of zinc carbonate film.It can prevent further oxidation
-In nature, the multi-state presence sulfide
-Atomic radius (calc) 135 (142) pm
-Covalent radius 131 pm
-Van der Waals radius 139 pm
-Content (ppm):
-The content of elements in the sun: 2
Content elements in seawater: 0.00005 (trace elements)
Content of the crust: 75 (trace elements)
Crystal structure: Hexagonal
Extranuclear atomic arrangement: 2,8,18,2
Nuclear charge: 30

Pure Zinc Plate x5
Item Specifications:
Material:99.99% pure zinc
Size:100 x 100 x 0.2mm
Density:7.14 g / cc
Melting point:419.5 ¡æ

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