Cadmium Sticks - 1 Stick 99.9% Cadmium

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Sold By the Stick, i.e. 1 Quantity = 1 Stick

Each stick measures approximately 9 " in length and 1/2" in diameter and weighs about  ~ 0.5 pound.


Cadmium is a silver-gray crystalline solid suitable for use in corrosion protection applications such as steel electroplating or the mechanical plating of fasteners and other parts. A variety of standard and custom Cadmium alloys for plating, vacuum plating, alloying, and additions applications are available. Cadmium Oxide is also available for plating, additions, and chemical uses.


Applications: It can also be used in the production of low-melting alloys, brazing alloys, and bearing alloys, and as an alloying ingredient to Copper to improve hardness.

Physical Information

Atomic Number: 48

Relative Atomic Mass (12C=12.000): 112.41

Melting Point: 610F

Boiling Point: 1403F
Weight Lb/in3: 0.3125

Density: 8.64

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