REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick

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  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick
  • REGALV Galvanizing Repair Stick


RotoMetals Regalv galvanizing repair stick restores corrosion-resistant zinc-like finish on galvanized plates, shapes, pipe, rods, sheets, etc. 
after welding, cutting, abrasion or other damages to face or edges. Regalv coats burnt galvanizing, coats the weld, and prevents rust.
Use on a hot surface like a crayon, coats easily and permanently. 

Each bar measures approximately 13.5" long x .75" wide x .25" - .375" thick.

**SOLD BY THE POUND. Each bar varies in weight and can weigh about ~ .8 to 1.3 pound each.
So if you order a quantity of 10, it is possible that you can receive 7 to 13 bars to equal the total
quantity of pounds ordered.
It is also possible that you can receive less bars then the quantity
ordered, but the total weight will be at least the total quantity ordered. 

Regalv is a alloy of Zinc, Lead and Tin.
1 bar of Regalv cover approximately 1 square foot. It can vary depending on skill level of the person applying. 


Pb 40%
Zn 30%
Sn 30%

Click here for ReGalv Technical Data Sheet


ReGalv Galvanizing repair stick restores corrosion resistant zinc-Like finish on galvanized plated, shape, pipe, rod, sheets, etc. 
After welding, cutting, abrasion or other damage to face or edges
On Galvanized Iron ReGalv is indispensable.
On Black Iron, Regalv prevents formation of rust pockets in the weld or on other surfaces requiring rustproofing before painting.
On Rusted Iron, ReGalv re-coats, adheres, and inhibits further rusting.
Re-coats burnt galvanizing also coast the weld and prevents rust
Rubs on a hot surface like crayon
Regalv conforms to federal specifications O-G-93 and QQM-151


 Directions for using ReGalv

While the wild ot cut is still hot, or after reheating, break off any salg, brush off loose scale or loose rust, 
and rub the Regalv rod on the hot surface until a small amount flows.
Spread wirh a wirte brush to band it to the base metal. Flux Is NOT required.
Regalv is self-fluxing. It is not necessary nor desirable to direct the torch onto the regalv rod.
Lower temperature
When the surface to be coated is just hot enough to melts Regalv readily, temperature is proper. 
Regalv flows, spreads, and adheres readily below 600°F. This low temperature allows the user to weld or cut more steel before stopping to apply Regalv.
Excessive temperature would promptly be signalled if Regalv:(a)Melts off the rod faster than it can be spread;(b)brushes off when molten, 
instead of sticking firmly to  the surface; (c) zinc color changes to other hues, requiring a second swiping with wire brush when cooler.
However, tolerable temperature range is quite broad as will be apparent after a brief trail.
ReGalv, a product of modern metallurgy, goes on faster smoother, with a firmer bond, and surpasses original galvanized surfaces in corrosion resistance.
Regalv is a true metal coating (not a paint),  and does not age to a whitish powdery appearance. 
It tends to darken slightly when weathered, and maintains its true metallic hue.
Regalv is non-brittle. It does not break into short lengths in shipment or handling, and doesn’t hot-crumble and get wasted in use.

Whatever welds, cuts, burns, abrasions, or rust spots require patches or repairs to damaged galvanizing or rust-proofing of black iron prior to painting.
Users: Practically everyone who welds or flame-cuts has use for Regalv.


Representative Users

Representative Uses (after Welding or burning)


Rustproofing welds or burns on frames & bodies before painting. Coating welds before soldering. Filling cracks in cast iron.

Contractors, Heavy Construction

Steel plates, shapes,pipe,hand and guard rails, tanks, window sash, grating, ladders, grilles, fences etc.

Contractors, Highway

Guard rails, sign frames & supports, fences light poles & hardware,culverts, etc.


Fences, tanks, troughs, pipes, rack, sherds, bins, etc.

Fence Mfrs. & Erectors

Gates, Braces, bolts


To fill vent holes in hollow objects & to touch up damage after galvanizing.


General plant maintenance, machine guards, welded steel structures, etc

Iron Works

Fire escapes, grilles, brackets, railing, tanks, etc.


Fences, playground equipment, building repairs, handrails, guard rails, light poles, etc.


Welds or rusts on pipes, fitting & tanks- Patch rusty leaky tanks-Convert black fitting to galvanized on the job-Tough up threads after assembly.

Public Utilities

Ladders, catwalks, gratings, piping, fencing, handrails,tanks, window sash, line hardware stack & supports.


Marking location of wheel-burn repairs_also See Public Utilities above


Restore galvanizing on rusty fittings_Use to form fillet where rope enters socket to prevent moisture gathering there,

Sheet Metal Shops

Welds ot rust on heavy galvanized or black steel.


Stanchions, rigging, piping, bulkheads, handrails, dock repairs, chain etc.

Sign Manufacturers

Welds or rust on outdoor signs & frames

Tank Manufacturers

Welds or rust on black or galvanized steel


All Welds and cuts on galvanizes steel and

welds on black Itron which are to be painted.

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    Posted by KJ Edwards on Oct 6th 2020

    they work real good when filling in small holes

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