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Sikaflex 1a Construction Adhesive comes in a 10.1 fluid ounce or 300ml tube. We recommend about 1 tube per sheet of approximately 10 square feet.

This compatible adhesive works for gluing zinc down to most substrates. The Service Range for Sikaflex 1a is -40F to 170F. We recommend a 1/8" triangle trowel to help spread the adhesive thinly and evenly on both the sheet and the substrate.

Sikaflex is tack free in 2-4 hours, but needs to fully cure 5-7 days before moving it around or going outside, to prevent the zinc from pulling off of the substrate.

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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Miranda Landreth on Nov 22nd 2022

    The adhesive only stuck to a few spots on my zinc island. Now my island top bounces and because it securely attached in spots, I was unable to remove and start over. I’m now out well over $300.

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    This Is the Adhesive to Use

    Posted by JoAnne Speers on Oct 3rd 2022

    I appreciated Roto-Metals recommending and making available this adhesive. I should have investigated the quantity I needed better. In my (beginner's) experience, a tube was about good for a one square foot, 2" thick tabletop (top and lip). I way under-ordered and I found it hard to find this in my local home improvement stores. Other instructional materials online (a TOD article) implied any heavy duty construction adhesive will work. In my experience, even an adhesive that said it would work on metal didn't work well (meaning it did not stay stuck). So, as another reviewer advised, make sure you order plenty for your project! Also, be aware that this is very thick and therefore hard to extrude, even with a reasonable quality caulking gun. Cut the tube off after the nozzle taper to maximize your caulking gun's effectiveness. And be prepared to use both hands to squeeze the trigger if necessary.

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    Sikaflex 1a, does a great job gluing zinc sheets down to our plywood bar top.

    Posted by Kevin Tighe on Mar 23rd 2019

    We can highly recommend this product. Our only regret was we didn't order enough on the first order. That was our bad, it slowed down the install and the second order was below the Free Shipping limit. I suggest you order more than you think you need, whatever you don't use for your project you'll be able to use on other projects (a very versatile product).

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    Used to glue zinc sheet to plywood bar top.

    Posted by Kevin Tighe on Mar 11th 2019

    Very good product, glad I purchased it from Rotometals rather than picking up something else at my local home center.,

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