The "ORIGINAL" Bismuth Shot Alloy For Reloading Shells 1 pound Bag -Made in USA

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Original-Since 2017
  • The "ORIGINAL" Bismuth Shot Alloy For Reloading Shells 1 pound Bag -Made in USA
  • The "ORIGINAL" Bismuth Shot Alloy For Reloading Shells 1 pound Bag -Made in USA
  • The "ORIGINAL" Bismuth Shot Alloy For Reloading Shells 1 pound Bag -Made in USA
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Our "ORIGINAL" Bismuth Shot for reloading shotgun shells.  This product has been in production since 2017.  Available in 1-pound sample bags. This premium line of bismuth shot is alloyed with 6% tin and is rigorously monitored to the highest quality assurance standard possible to increase pellet integrity and your satisfaction.  Bismuth is one of the softest of all the non-toxic alternative shot types, making it very suitable for old double guns and other shotguns with fixed chokes. 

Roundness Note: Unlike lead or steel shot, Rotometals' Bismuth Shot is not perfectly round, but will shoot and pattern excellently! Our BBs may have small satellites and/or tails, but this helps to reduce drag similar to the way a golf ball is designed (i.e. less sticky in the air). 

#T ( ~.20"/5.08 mm) 45 Pellets per OZ (Production lead times may vary.)
#BBB ( ~.19"/4.82 mm) 54 Pellets per OZ
#BB ( ~.18"/4.6 mm) 64 Pellets per OZ
#B ( ~.17"/4.5 mm) 68 Pellets per OZ
#0 ( ~.167"/4.25 mm) 68 Pellets per OZ
#1 ( ~.16"/4.0 mm) 81 Pellets per OZ
#2 ( ~.15"/3.76 mm) 87 Pellets per OZ
#3 ( ~.14"/3.28 mm) 124 Pellets per OZ
#3.5 ( ~.135"/3.45 mm) 81 Pellets per OZ
#4 ( ~.13"/3.28 mm) 161  Pellets per OZ
#5 ( ~.12"/3.05 mm) 198  Pellets per OZ
#6 ( ~.11"/2.77 mm) 237 Pellets per OZ
#7 ( ~.10"/2.5 mm) 360 Pellets per OZ
#8 ( ~.09"/2.26 mm) 530 Pellets per OZ
#9 ( ~.08"/2.01 mm) 558 Pellets per OZ

Bismuth's density is 9.6 grams/cubic centimeter. 
Lead-Free & Non-toxic: Bismuth shot materials are approved for use by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Please email us for bulk or wholesale inquiries for orders over 500 pounds. 

NOTE- this product is not for growing crystals!  If you are interested in doing so, then please see our Pure bismuth HERE


Click here for the SDS Sheet

New- All of our Bismuth lead-Free shot and bullet Alloy is Certified Safe to use in all Non- Lead Areas, and Waterfowl-Click for Cert and print out and

Please keep the approval letter with you when using the approved ammunition to aid law enforcement in the field   






Tin 6.2730%
Copper 0.0003%
Lead 0.0006%
Zinc 0.0002%
Iron 0.0002%
Silver 0.0024%
Arsenic 0.0002%
Antimony 0.0002%
Tellurium 0.0002%
Chlorine 0.0008%
Bismuth Balance



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45 Reviews

  • 5

    Bismuth #6 1 lb

    Posted by James Valley on Sep 13th 2023

    I reload my 410 ga. Shotgun shells with your #6 they shoot excellant Thank you Couldn't be happier Jim

  • 5

    Bismuth shot

    Posted by Joseph Purcell on Sep 8th 2023

    Love the shot I've been buying from y'all it's great for waterfowl hunting

  • 5

    Bismuth Shot for Reloading

    Posted by Darin Heard on Aug 22nd 2023

    Nothing but praise for Rotometals. Super fast shipping. Product matched description perfectly. Product in stock - very nice. Outstanding performance.

  • 5

    Bismuth Shot

    Posted by Sean Conway on Aug 21st 2023

    Really fast shipping

  • 4

    Bismuth shot

    Posted by Charles humbertson on May 27th 2023

    Good shot nice patterns can’t wait for teal and dove season got it for the 410

  • 4

    Bismuth Shot for Reloading

    Posted by David Hetzer on Dec 13th 2022

    The different shot arrived in good time and excellent condition. All the shot was very consistent.

  • 5

    Bismuth Shot Sample Packs

    Posted by John Brazaitis on Oct 11th 2022

    These sample packs are the nuts for the reloader who wants to do some testing and development of non-lead shot loads for hunting. Roto's one pound packages lets you do load development, testing and patterning of different shot sizes at a very reasonable you'll have a few shells left over to try out in actual hunting. For Bismuth shot quality is very good, nicely round and consistent. Additionally being able to custom load with this shot lets us keep hunting with older guns, like my LC Smith Hammer 10 gauge, for which commercially loaded ammunition is just not available.

  • 5

    Bismuth #4 shot

    Posted by Joe purcell on Sep 18th 2022

    the shot i ordered was perfect for reloading and it loads good and shoots great in every gauge ive loaded from 28 gauge to 12 gauge

  • 5

    Bismuth shot

    Posted by Cletus Mitchell on Feb 26th 2022

    So far so good. Patterns goods in 20ga shotgun for turkey hunting. Just have to wait to see if Grandaughter gets one!

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