Zinc at The Winchester Mystery House

Zinc at The Winchester Mystery House

Thinking of doing something interesting with zinc? You wouldn’t be the first. Pictured above is is in a room in the Winchester Mystery House, in San Jose, CA with a beautiful zinc planter that we captured on one of their main tours there recently.

Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the famous gun maker, built the world-famous historical landmark Winchester Mystery House starting in 1886. She was having rooms added and renovations make right up until 1922, when she passed.

We don’t know exactly when these beautiful zinc planters were actually installed, but they have definitely been there since at least 1922, when she died, but they are probably older. That makes this zinc probably at least 100 years old. We can’t tell what if any sealer was used then, but look how great it still looks!

Install the beauty and long-lasting value of zinc in your own home today, as a countertop, table or planter and you can have something in common with the mysterious Sarah Winchester. 

Nov 5th 2021 RotoMetals

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