Metals Analysis Test XRF Service - Test Only, not the machine

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  • Metals Analysis Test XRF Service - Test Only, not the machine
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***This is for the test only, we do not sell Scientific Analyzers***

We can test your metal samples, items, toys etc. to tell you what alloy you have or what metals are present in your paint or plastic. We also can see then if we can match that and create more of that alloy for you. We can check for the following elements: Tin (SN), Antimony (SB), Copper (CU), Bismuth (BI), Silver (AG), Iron (FE), Nickel (NI), Zinc (ZN), Cadmium (CD), Lead (PB). Indium (IN).  If you need more than one test on a single sample, or several samples tested you'll need to add the appropriate number of tests to your cart.

The size of the sample does need to be at least 10 grams or the size of a quarter (25 cent US coin) to get accurate results.

We use a New Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t XRF Analyzer.

2 Test options 

Option 1 is a Quick Photo of the screen showing all present metals. 

Option 2 is a more formal looking PDF certificate 

How this works

You buy the test online, it's good for a single test on one sample, then you can mail, FedEx or UPS sample to us to below:

XRF test-(your order number)
865 Estabrook St
San Leandro Ca 94577

Once we get it (24 hour turnaround) will email you your report. If you want the sample back, you need to supply your own UPS or carrier account number. Please call, if you have any questions.

**Please Note: Every reasonable care is taken to ensure that the reports are accurate. Regarding the conclusions and/or opinions drawn from the results of these tests or investigations, Rotometals does not accept responsibility for any matters arising or consequences from the further use of these reports and/or certificates.

Limit of detection (LOD)
The smallest concentration of an element that can be detected with reasonable certainty. It is generally regarded as indicating whether an element is present or not, and does not imply that a value obtained is accurate. LOD is usually calculated using 3 sigma. We are not able to test for Aluminum or Arsenic.

Here is a sample report of a test

Ba < LOD : 0.137

Sb 5.895 ± 0.161

Sn 2.647 ± 0.098

In < LOD : 0.042

Cd < LOD : 0.034

Pd < LOD : 0.002

Ag < LOD : 0.017

Mo < LOD : 0.098

Nb < LOD : 0.041

Zr < LOD : 0.056

Bi < LOD : 0.272

Pb 89.782 ± 0.864

Hg < LOD : 0.112

Se 0.231 ± 0.073

Au < LOD : 0.162

Pt < LOD : 0.416

Ta 0.664 ± 0.140

Hf < LOD : 0.546

Ni < LOD : 0.112

Co < LOD : 0.087

 Fe < LOD : 0.174

Mn < LOD : 0.200

Cr < LOD : 0.876

V < LOD : 0.805

Ti < LOD : 0.261

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