Low Melting Point Alloy Galinstan - 68.5% Ga, 21.5% In, 10% Sn - 50 Grams

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Galinstan is a family of eutectic alloys of gallium, indium, and tin which are liquid at room temperature. Due to the low toxicity and low reactivity of its component metals, it finds use as a replacement for many applications that previously employed toxic liquid mercury or reactive NaK (sodium-potassium alloy). Composition: 68.5% Ga, 21.5% In, 10% Sn. Its name is a portmanteau of gallium, indium, and stannum (Latin for "tin").

NOTE- The solid-liquid point temperature range can vary and there is no promise or guarantee it will be -2F,   we have seen the alloy have a wide range from -30F to 40F range 

It can coat objects to make them conductive. It can coat glass to make mirrors. It can make low friction electrical connections.

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Comes in 2-25 gram pre-package bottles

Technical Data:

Boiling point: 1300 C
Vapour pressure: 10−8 Torr (at 500 C)
Density: 6.44 g/cm3 (at 20 C)[2]
Solubility: Insoluble in water or organic solvents
Viscosity: 0.0024 Pas (at 20 C)
Thermal conductivity: 16.5 (W-m-1-K-1)
Electrical conductivity: 3.46x106 S/m (at 20 C)[2]
Surface tension: s = 0.718 N/m (at 20 C)[2]

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