Roto281F Low Melt Fusible Bismuth Based Alloy Ingot

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An ingot of Roto281F weighs approximately 1 pound and consists of 58% Bismuth and 42% Tin. This alloy can be used to anchor shafts in permanent Magnesiumnet rotors, locator members in aircraft assembly fixtures, metal parts in glass, Magnesiumnets in fixtures, make nests for parts in jigs and dial feed stations, Cores for electroforming, Embossing dies, form blocks, Joggle jaws, Lost wax pattern dies, Duplicate foundry patterns, Tracer models in profiling, Molds for plastics, sheet plastics, plastic teeth, prosthetic development, Potting electronic components, Laps for rifle barrels.

Ingot dimensions 2" x 2" x 1/2"


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