Super Hard Alloy Metal Ingot - 5 pounds (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)

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  • Super Hard Alloy Metal Ingot - 5 pounds (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)
  • Super Hard Alloy Metal Ingot - 5 pounds (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)
  • Super Hard Alloy Metal Ingot - 5 pounds (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)
  • Super Hard Alloy Metal Ingot - 5 pounds (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)
  • Super Hard Alloy Metal Ingot - 5 pounds (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)
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5 pound ingot

This ingot measures approximately 8-3/4" x 1" x 2"/

This is an alloy of 30% Antimony and 70% Lead that is a great source for hardening up your lead or wheel weights and is much easier to melt then pure antimony as we have done the alloying for you. This alloy will melt at around 745 Degrees which should be easy to reach in most small melting pots.

We sell Super Hard based on the percentage of antimony in the alloy. Note: We make no promise on Brinell Hardness of Super Hard, as the crystalline structure of the alloy does not allow us to properly measure it
, you would need a special commercial larger ball diameter machine in order to read the hardness correctly.

Lots of great info here about using super hard!

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34 Reviews

  • 5
    30% Antimony Ingot

    Posted by John Abbott on Aug 10th 2022

    Just checked the BHN and got 20 using the Lee system. Looking forward to making some hard buckshot with this.

  • 5

    Posted by Dan Hawkins on Jul 5th 2022

    Super Hard Alloy is the perfect mix for my application. RotoMetals is a phenomenal company to deal with. The prices are great, customer service is great, and speed of shipping is even better. My last order with Super Hard showed up too fast, believe it or not.

  • 5
    Tin clippings and Super hard ingots

    Posted by Barry on Jul 3rd 2022

    More alloy and tin to continue making my custom alloy for my special castings.

  • 5
    IMO Necessary for bullet casting

    Posted by Mohamed on Jun 15th 2022

    I faced problems in casting AND coating with 10 BHN lead bullets, but when mixed 5:1 with this supper hard, BHN increased to ~15, and was able to use coating without any problems.

  • 5
    Super Hard isGreat stuff.

    Posted by Barry Spooner on Jun 12th 2022

    Makes my job easier to do and to get it right.

  • 5
    1 pound super hard and 10 pounds of wheel weights brought my bullet hardness to 14.9 BHN

    Posted by Bryan L Wright on Jan 22nd 2022

    I will say its a great product

  • 5
    Superhard Alloy: I think it is excellent

    Posted by scott o on Dec 29th 2021

    From my POV, finding anitmony to add to dead-soft scrap lead I've been fortunate to be given has been problematic. Sure I could add high-quality bagged lead "target shot", but with this product providing me 30% antimony (instead of say 5%), I think this is a more direct route to obtaining to modest middle-of-the-road alloys I'm using for standard target -velocity pistol bullets. You'll need a decent scale and a way to cut the ingots if you have an old 10-lb Lyman or SAECO pot like I use because at say 4 or 5 % antimony, you'll be cooking up say 4 batches of alloyed ingots with each bar. Because of this, it Rotometals might consider making this alloy available in a form like a Toblerone candy bar so us homeboy bullet casters can cut it easier. Thanks for the nice product. I don't know where else I can get it. It is certainly shipped fast, too!

  • 5
    superhard alloy

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 12th 2021

    effective source of antimony; weights of ingots were accurate and fair; expect this to work well for casting bullets

  • 5
    Excellent Allow, Superb Quality

    Posted by Ronald Oswald on Nov 13th 2021

    I add this to pure cleaned salvaged lead along with tin to make Lyman #2 (92Pb, 6Sb, 2Sn) alloy for cast conical bullets. It works great and the alloy achieves the proper Brinell Hardness Number 14.

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