Sealer Clear Guard Spray Lacquer for Zinc - For Vertical Surfaces Only!

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This is a 12 oz spray can of spray lacquer sealer. You can get about 25 square feet of coverage per can and we recommend 3 coats for residential applications or 4 coats for commercial applications. This is a popular sealer for vertical surface zinc and it dries fast. Not for use on table tops, counter tops, or any horizontal surface. Please use one of the Ever Clear products instead. Please read directions on bottle.

Clear Guard is a crystal clear, durable, air drying lacquer that results in a hard, fast drying, and tarnish resistant film. It has excellent adhesion to Zinc, bronze, brass, copper, and other metals as well as to patinas and rusted metal. Clear Guard is suitable for use with all types of application equipment. Clear Guard is UV stable and highly resistant to weather, water, and chemical damage. It also resists marring and perspiration better than
most solvent lacquers.

Must be shipped FedEx or UPS Ground - No Air Shipments or USPS Priority Mail.

Please watch our video online for helpful ideas to use it.


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