Decorative Nails, Clavos and Tacks

Decorative Nails, Clavos and Tacks

Decorative Nail Heads

Rotometals is pleased to supply a line of decorative and ornamental nails and clavos that are perfect for accessorizing zinc sheets. Added due to popular demand, these distinctive and beautiful nails will add a touch of elegance to whatever project you work on- from tables and counter tops to bars and hoods. Whether you're using our natural mill-finish zinc sheets, pre-patinaed sheets or the popular DIY line of zinc sheet patinas, you're sure to find the decorative zinc sheet nails that suit your needs.

We carry a wide variety of styles, including rustic studded nails, circles, squares, and 5-point star nails. When you're searching for nail heads for zinc sheets, there's no better option than Rotometals. Watch our video to see a small sampling of how each nail head looks from various angles or in different lighting!

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to check the number of nail heads sold per order to ensure you are purchasing the correct amount for your project. Rotometals recommends that you pre-drill the holes in the zinc before you tap and glue the nails into your table, countertop or other project. You can also use rivets when setting the holes for your zinc for an extra layer of protection.