Bismuth Shot #5 ( ~.12", 3.05 mm)Alloy For Reloading Shells 10#-Made in USA

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  • Bismuth Shot #5 ( ~.12", 3.05 mm)Alloy For Reloading Shells 10#-Made in USA
  • Bismuth Shot #5 ( ~.12", 3.05 mm)Alloy For Reloading Shells 10#-Made in USA
  • Bismuth Shot #5 ( ~.12", 3.05 mm)Alloy For Reloading Shells 10#-Made in USA
  • Bismuth Shot #5 ( ~.12", 3.05 mm)Alloy For Reloading Shells 10#-Made in USA



Bismuth Shot #5 ( ~.12", 3.05 mm)


New! Bismuth shot for reloading shotgun shells. Rotometals Bismuth Shot is alloyed with 6% tin to increase pellet integrity. Bismuth is one of the softest of all the non-toxic alternative shot types making it very suitable for old double guns and other shotguns with fixed chokes. Rotometals Bismuth Shot is a great non-toxic alternative to lead. No other non-toxic shot performs this similar to lead. 

206 Pellets per OZ.  Bismuth's density is 9.6 grams/cubic centimeter.

Roundness- Note unlike lead or steel  Bismuth shot is not round, but will still shoot and pattern excellent! BB's may have small satellites or tails but this actually helps to not generate as much drag in the air similar to a golf ball ie less sticky in the air. 

Lead Free & Non-toxic: Rotometals Bismuth Shot materials are approved for use by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Please email us for Bulk or wholesale inquires for orders over 500 pounds 

Note- this is not for growing crystals.  If you are interested in that then please see our Pure bismuth HERE.

 Click here for SDS Sheet

California Fish and Wildlife "Non-Lead Certification" Approval Letter... Click here for link.  CA Residents, we recommend keeping a copy of this with you when using Rotometals Bismuth Shot in the field to aid law enforcement. 




Tin 6.2730%
Copper 0.0003%
Lead 0.0006%
Zinc 0.0002%
Iron 0.0002%
Silver 0.0024%
Arsenic 0.0002%
Antimony 0.0002%
Tellurium 0.0002%
Chlorine 0.0008%
Bismuth Balance



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20 Reviews

  • 5

    #5 Bismuth Shot

    Posted by Mike Cutler on Mar 13th 2021

    The shot arrived in 3 business days. It was packaged well, and securely sealed. A sample of the shot was spherical and the diameter of all tested shot was within the range of #5. The shot is bright and shiny, and the weight versus volume is correct for the advertised density. I ordered two bags and got a discount, which made this the least expensive bismuth shot available. This is my second shot order with Rotometals. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again from them.

  • 5

    Bismuth #5 Shot

    Posted by John on Feb 10th 2021

    Have been hand loading for years, just starting with Bismuth. Received my order very quickly and headed off to my reloading bench. Good product, great service.

  • 5

    #5 Bismuth shot

    Posted by Lee on Dec 20th 2020

    Very good product. Shipping was also very fast. I use this stuff for hunting with a muzzleloading shotgun and love it.

  • 5

    #5 bismuth shot

    Posted by Scott Anderson on Dec 20th 2020

    Really nice shot. Using to load 2 3/4 inch 28ga over/under for rabbit hunting.

  • 5

    Bismuth #5 SHOT

    Posted by Randall Yaeger on Dec 5th 2020

    Great product, allows me to load my 2 1/2 inch 12 gauge for waterfowl. Much cheaper than paying for loaded shells.

  • 5

    #5 bismuth shot

    Posted by Keith Doty on Sep 26th 2020

    Been a handloader for many years. I favor vintage shotguns that steel shot will destroy and have enjoyed to returning to shells that shoot like the lead of my youth. This shot makes that possible at a reasonable price.

  • 5

    Bismuth #5 Shot for reloading shot shells

    Posted by Doug. Simpson on Jun 14th 2020

    You can't beat it for non toxic shot. Its like shooting lead shot. Hits on birds much like lead. Its why better then steel.

  • 5

    #4 bismuth shot

    Posted by Jim on Dec 19th 2019

    Used for 16 Ga. loads for pheasant and ducks in areas requiring non toxic shot. Load steel but this bismuth really shines when shots are long.

  • 5

    Great product and great customer service. During the shipping process my container was damaged and the owner quickly resolved the issue. Will be a returning customer.

    Posted by Terence Tanaka on Mar 14th 2019

    Can't wait to get reloading now!

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