.027" / 22 ga Slate Gray Pre Patina Zinc Sheets

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  • .027"  / 22 ga Slate Gray Pre Patina Zinc Sheets
  • .027"  / 22 ga Slate Gray Pre Patina Zinc Sheets
  • .027"  / 22 ga Slate Gray Pre Patina Zinc Sheets
  • .027"  / 22 ga Slate Gray Pre Patina Zinc Sheets


The Slate Gray sheets are available in 10', 12', and 14' lengths.

This elegant, pre-weathered, zinc sheet is Slate Gray Patina, also known as VM-Umicore Quartz Zinc, or Patina 1, and is achieved by a factory process that mimics the matte patina that zinc naturally develops over time. No other pre-weathered zinc captures the depth of texture of an evolved patina like Slate Gray Zinc. The durability and beauty of Slate Gray Zinc is unparalleled, especially when compared to zinc products of light hues. In applications that will have varying exposures to the elements and will, therefore, weather at different rates, this reliability of appearance is a tremendous asset. On the luminance scale for measuring colors Slate Gray Zinc falls into a Y-Factor range of 22-25.

These sheets come pre-laminated with a layer of PVC on one side.

Warning about Color Variation- This sheet is made in our mill and can have slight color variations and sheets can be different batch to batch.

Please order a sample of the Slate Gray Patina zinc before you order a full sheet, if you are unsure about the color. You can order the sample here.

Shipping Warning- the most economical way to ship .020, .027, .030 sheets is via UPS/FedEx rolled up in a box. However 5-10% of the time UPS/FedEx can damage the edges of the sheets in transit. UPS/FedEx most likely won't cover this via their insurance, so we recommend if you need the full width of the sheet then have the sheets shipped via freight. You must call to arrange freight shipping. Most people however don't need the full width, at they will be cutting off some of the edge or folding it under, so shipping via parcel service is fine.

Due to the nature of product, some scratches and blemishes should be expected. Metal sheets, just like their antique counterparts, may contain a certain amount of flaws, smudges, and scratches especially after shipping. Most of these marks can be buffed out using 0000 Steel Wool once the sheet is installed. IMPORTANT
make sure you unroll and reverse lay the sheet to help it relax and flatten back out faster. You also may apply some heat to help relax it. If you leave the sheet in the shipping box for more then 10-12 days
then it becomes harder to flatten.

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