WUKO Bender Anniversary Set 2050 / 2204 / 4040 - Freight Included

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WUKO Anniversary Bender Set 2205/2204/4040

consisting of:

  • WUKO Mini Bender 2050
  • Wuko Uni Bender 2204
  • WUKO Disc-O-Bender Twist 4040
  • delivered in a practical transport case

This set allows quick, easy and clean folding / folding on long, straight metal sheets and then bending from 90 to 180 ° for easy handling.

1) For Bending from 0 to 90°

WUKO Mini Bender 2020, 2030, 2050

WUKO Uni Bender 2204, 2354

WUKO Duo Bender 3200, 3350

See product videos of WUKO Mini Bender and WUKO Uni Bender

Pratical advice:  Video showing how to create a Male/Female Standing Seam Profile With Wuko

2) For Bending from 0 up to max. 100°

WUKO Uber Bender 6200

WUKO Uber Bender 6350

WUKO Uber Bender Duo 7200

WUKO Uber Bender Duo 7350

And how is it done?

  • Set the desired bending height on the scale.
  • Insert the sheet metal between the bending rolls; the thinner bending roll shows the direction to bend the material. The sheet metal edge lies against the roller stops.
  • Using forward and backward movements slowly bend up the sheet metal (max. 90° resp. 100°).

3) For Bending from 90 up to 180°

WUKO Disc‐O‐Bender 4000

WUKO Mini Disc‐O‐Bender 4010

WUKO Disc‐O‐Bender Twist 4040

WUKO Micro Disc‐O‐Bender 4050

See product videos of WUKO Disc-O-Bender and WUKO Mini Disc-O-Bender

And how is it done?

  • Simply place the corresponding WUKO Disc-O-Bender on the right angle bend.
  • Using forward and backward movements bend down the leg (max. 180°).

4) For bending from 0° up to max. 180°

WUKO Hem Bender 8200
offers the same as the WUKO Duo Bender and additionally makes the hem (up to 14 mm)




5) For Beading, Stiffening and Offsetting

WUKO Combo Bender 5000

See our product video of WUKO Combo Bender!

And how is it done?

  • The WUKO Combo Bender is guided along the sheet metal edge by hand.
  • After every run the working pressure is constantly increased by tightening the wing screw on the lower side of the tool.
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