Soft Scuba Diving Weight 1 lb

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  • Soft Scuba Diving Weight 1 lb
  • Soft Scuba Diving Weight 1 lb


Soft Scuba Diving Weights are the most comfortable diving weights available on the market. Great for placing in weight pockets hanging from a belt, placing them in your quick release, or on your weight integrated BCD, the soft outer material allows the thousands of balls to conform to your equipment and body shape. These comfortable, soft diving weights will protect you from the bruises that other, hard weights will give you from resting on your hip bone.

These weights are used for all diving applications, cold water, extreme
depths, professional, recreation, warm water and more. Soft Scuba
Diving Weights are loved by customers of all levels and experience.
Divers who have used these weights say that they are comfortable,
durable, easy to use, functional, that the weights improve the diving
experience and are solidly constructed.

Soft Scuba Diving Weights are made from soft, flexible quality nylon mesh bags that have double stitched sewn seams for strength and prevention of lead-shot loss.
We make these weights with new #4 shot, not used shot from shooting ranges, so each ball is smooth and round, which means no sharp edges, foreign matter, or undersized fragments in the weight. Soft Scuba Diving Weights are also available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 pound weights. An easy to identify printed tag shows the amount of weight in each bag.

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