Crab Shrimp and Lobster Pot Anode

Make sure you have a RotoMetals Zinc or Aluminum Sacrificial Anode attached to your weight bar and prevent corroding and prevent scale or slag from forming. This will save you time and eliminate the need to hammer your weight bar between and during crab season. The anode also helps "cool" the trap down due to the electrolysis in the water, thus making it more appealing for the shellfish to enter! Both of our Zinc Crab/Lobster Pot Anodes are made to Mil-Spec Zinc Alloy A-18001K which is 99.5% zinc with a small amount of aluminum and cadmium, and our Aluminum Crab/Lobster Pot anodes conform to MIL-A-24779 with approximately 94% Aluminum and 6% Zinc, making them the most efficient anodes for your traps!

If you want to save an additional 5-10% and you can Will Call/Pick Up your order in San Leandro, please call us before you order and we will have it ready for you.

Here are a couple of short videos to help explain the anodes some more!


Are you local to us and going to Will Call your order? Do you have Live Crabs? If so, call ahead, and we'll trade you some zincs for Crabs!!