Patina Iridescent Bronze on Zinc Solution

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  • Patina  Iridescent Bronze on Zinc Solution
  • Patina  Iridescent Bronze on Zinc Solution
  • Patina  Iridescent Bronze on Zinc Solution


This Iridescent Bronze Patina for Zinc Sheets is available in both the 8 oz or 1 gallon bottles. With this incredible product you can add an amazing array of different shades and textures to your zinc. Iridescent Bronze gives your zinc a warm, golden brown coloring with hints of a rainbow of other colors.

This patina can be applied with a variety of methods and concentrations. In order to patina your zinc, first clean the surface with denatured alcohol or acetone to insure that it is free of oil, oxides, and plating residue as these will greatly affect the patina. To dilute the solution, add distilled water until you receive the desired concentration. You may then apply the patina by using spray bottles, brushes, or sponges or by burnishing the zinc with an abrasive pad. Once you have achieved the desired finish, you should seal your zinc with one of our sealants.

Please note that the color and vary greatly depending on different factors, such as concentration, brush strokes and method
of application. Depending on how concentrated you make your solution, we generally recommend one bottle of Iridescent Bronze Patina per sheet. In order to determine how concentrated you want your patina and how you would like to apply it, we encourage you to order some extra zinc on which to practice your application techniques.

Would you like to see an example of our natural zinc after we have treated it with our Iridescent Bronze Patina? Please order one of our Zinc Sheet Sample Packs and in 1-3 daysyou will receive a variety pack of all of our sizes of zinc and our patinas.

Please watch our video for examples of how different techniques and concentrations can greatly change the appearance of your zinc sheet!
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