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Welcome to Rotometals, Inc. Founded in 1939, our company has a history of buying in volume and solidifying great deals so that we can pass them on to you, our customer!

We distribute aluminum, antimony, bismuth, indium, lead, magnesium, pewter, tin and zinc. Rotometals also takes pride in distributing special high grade quality zinc anodes (Mil Spec A-18001K alloy) and high quality aluminum anodes.

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Iridescent Bronze Patina Solution 50 Grams Element GA Metal Ingot 99.99%
Base Price: $14.99
Base Price: $53.00
Lead Ingot Pure 99.9% Hardball Bullet Casting Alloy Ingot (2%-Tin,6%-Antimony,and 92%-Lead)
Price per INGOT $12.65
Price per ~ 5 Pound INGOT $15.59
Zinc Ingot 99.8% Full Ingot Pallet Lead Ingots (99.9%) 1000 pounds Freight Included- Clearance sale
Price per Ingot $8.49
$1.55 a pound Delivered! $1,550.00

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New Products

Indium 99.99% Pure 4oz Ingot
Price Per 1/4 Pound $120.05
ZincArmor 3" Zinc Strip 50 ft Prevent Algae, Moss, Fungus & Mildew
Base Price: $27.99
ZincArmor Heavy Duty 8" Zinc Strip 10 ft Prevent Algae, Moss, Fungus & Mildew
Base Price: $39.99
ZincArmor 3" Zinc Strip 50 ft Prevent Algae, Discounted+ /- 3"
Base Price: $21.99
Super Hard Alloy Ingot (30%-Antimony, 70%-Lead)
Price per ~ 5 Pound INGOT $19.99

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