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RotoMetals Zinc Sheets - Solid zinc, the real thing, not galvanized!

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Zinc Metal Sheets

At Rotometals, you can buy zinc sheets in various sizes and finishes to fit all of your needs. As seen in Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma and made popular by Oprah, Elle Decor Magazine, HGTV, DIY Network, I Hate My Kitchen, Better Homes and Gardens, and Kitchen and Bath Ideas, these zinc metal sheets are great for counter tops, back-splashes, range-hoods, roofing, flashing, artistic projects, and much, much more!

We offer most varieties of zinc sheet metal for sale, ready to be shipped within a day or two. Our sheets come in an assortment of pre-cut lengths, but we can also custom cut your zinc sheet to any length you desire. Please contact us for pricing if you would like a zinc sheet longer than 12 feet, as these sheets require special order pricing.

Would you like to create your own distinctive patina on your zinc sheet or have it look like it has been weathered for a long time? Try our cupric sulfate, a wonderful product used to artificially patina zinc products. Rather than waiting for time to weather your zinc, you can create a weathered zinc sheet immediately. Or, if you would like something different, try our new Iridescent Bronze Patina, with which you can add an array of different shades and textures to your zinc with a warm, golden brown coloring and hints of a rainbow of other colors.

If you're looking for zinc sheet metal suppliers, choose Rotometals, where you'll find the best zinc sheeting online.

Click here to purchase our complete sample pack, which offers a sample of every thickness and color option available from us plus information about our Reward Program. If you would like a smaller set of samples for free, click here. Please be sure to specify which three pieces you would like a sample of.

Watch us help you! New in HD, helpful videos to assist with creating your own patina, sheet installation and more.

For Volume orders, (over 20 sheets) email "" for a price quote or call 1-800-779-1102 ext 62
To order online, please select the thickness you need below and choose your width and length on that page.

Check out our new .030" width sheets on the .030" Page
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Zinc Sheet Samples for Counter Tops, Range Hoods Tables - 8" x 11"
Base Price: $8.99
This Week's Sale Price: $6.99
You save $2.00!
Zinc Sheet Solder Coil
Base Price: $7.00
Zinc Sheet / Plate - .125" or 1/8"
Base Price: $249.00
Crate Cost: $120.00

Please keep in mind that there is a $45 set up/cut fee for each order of zinc sheet. You can avoid this charge, however, if you order your zinc sheets on the website yourself (this saves us time and money from processing phone orders). You are more than welcome to email or call us if you have any questions before ordering, but we encourage you to order on our safe, easy-to-use, and secure site to avoid this charge.

WARNING! Zinc sheets are just like wood, no two pieces are ever the same! We have several lots (or runs) of zinc sheets in the same size and length that have a slightly different color or variances in grain pattern. When you order, make sure to order enough material from one thickness to get the most uniform look. If you need to order additional sheets later, the color texture and pattern may be slightly different.

Zinc sheets that are used in architecture for roofs and facades or for counters and bar tops have a maintenance-free life of over 60 years! They can be cut and bent with ordinary shop sheers, cutters, or benders. Because this product is malleable, you should expect some minor surface scratches or blemishes. Please note that the edges are very sharp and can cut you. We recommend using gloves when handling the sheets.

Soft Zinc
Soft Zinc is almost as soft as lead, but still completely food safe! Soft Zinc works wonderfully for counter tops and other applications. Some fabricators and the DIYs find it much easier to work with and most people won't even notice the difference. Contact us if you would like to order this product or if you would like a sample.

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Suggested Use and Tips
Zinc can be used for water resistance, roof flashing, chemical resistance, engraving, and sound deadening. It has grown in popularity in commercial establishments for uses such as bar finishes, raised panels in elevators, and architectural design in stores. In addition, zinc sheets are also found in prestigious residential applications, including bar tops, decorative counters, kitchen cooking areas, back splashes, stove enclosures, heat protection, sink tops and cabinetry, as well as kick plates and moldings. Zinc sheet is now popular and being shown in leading home magazines.

Zinc is a very versatile material and has many more possibilities to be explored into the future. Zinc sheet started its popularity in Europe and has now started to spread to North America.

If you do not want to install the zinc sheets yourself, we have a list companies that have worked with and installed it before. We don't recommend one company over another, but encourage you to contact them if they are close to you. You can also look up a sheet metal shop in your area and see if they can work with zinc sheets.

Shipping Information - Zinc sheets that have a thickness of .030" and thinner can be rolled up and shipped via UPS. Sheets thicker than .030" must be shipped flat on a 4' x 10' pallet. The most economical way to our ship .027" and .030" sheets is via UPS/FedEx rolled up in a box. However, in a small percentage of cases (5-10%), the carrier can damage the edges of the sheets in transit. UPS/FedEx insurance most likely won't cover this damage; so if you do need the full width, then must have the sheets shipped via freight. We can only handle these special orders over the phone. We charge a crating charge for the shipping of flat sheets (plus the freight to you). WE HAVE VERY LOW RATES...ALL OVER THE U.S.!