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Aluminum Anodes/ Ingots
Babbitt Bearing Alloys
Bullet Casting Alloys
Crab Shrimp Pot Anode
Copper Metal
Galvanizing Products
Hull Anodes Bolt On
Hull Anodes Weld On
Indium Metal
Ladles/Furnaces for Casting
Lead Sheet
Sheet Lead 1/16" ~4 lbs./SQ FT
Sheet Lead 1/24" ~2.5 lbs./SQ FT
Sheet Lead 1/32" ~2 lbs./SQ FT
Sheet Lead 1/4" ~16 lbs/SQ FT
Sheet Lead 1/64" ~1 lbs/SQ FT
Sheet Lead 1/8" ~8 lbs/SQ FT
Sheet Lead 3/32" ~6 lbs./SQ FT
Lead Ingots / Wire
Lead Shot
Low Melt/Fusible Alloys
Magnesium Anodes
Other Products
Cannon Balls for Pop Mortar Cannons
Swedish Iron Anodes
Pewter Alloys
Putty Hi Temp Casting
Scuba Weights
Tin Metal
Zinc Anodes/Products
Zinc Ingots SHG- Zamak
Zinc Cast Rods
Zinc Extruded Rods
Zinc Oxide Powder
Zinc Plating Hexagonal Pieces / Anodes
Zinc and Aluminum Discs
Zinc and Aluminum Plates
Zinc Wire
Ballast Tank, Bed, Pipeline Anodes
Cor Ins Type C with Reinforcing Wire
  > Replacement Zinc
P Type with no wire
E-Series For Common Marine Engines
Type G Screw Together
Type S Slide on
Zinc Sheets
Zinc Sheet Sizes / Prices
Decorative Zinc Edging / Trim
Decorative Zinc Sheet Nails / Clavos
FAQ For Zinc Sheets
Zinc Sheet Install Videos and Patina
Pictures Of Zinc Sheets Installed
Sample Packs
Volume Orders (over 20 Sheets)
Zinc Sheets for Etching Plates
Zinc for Roofing
Custom Metal Casting
Metals Analysis XRF
Metals we buy back
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