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All of our Zinc Rods are 99.6% min zinc.

We have 2 types of zinc rods, gravity cast and extruded under pressure.
Which one should I choose?

See below and then make a decision.

Zinc Cast Rod can be made in up to 3 foot lengths and is less expensive and has a wider selection of diameters than extruded. However, it is not as pliable as extruded and is more likely to have some air pockets inside due to trapped air. Tolerance +/- 1/8" Dia

Zinc Cast Rods are also available in Mil Spec Zinc, please email, fax or call us for a quote if required.

Zinc Extruded Rod is more expensive than the cast and is better if it is needed to be bent (it's not made for bending, but holds up better then cast). Extruded rods can come in longer lengths than cast and are less likely to have air pockets inside due to trapped air.

Unless otherwise stated, when you order either type of rod, we assume that if you order 2 feet, you want 2 - 1 footers, 5 feet = 5 - 1 footers, etc. For longer lengths, please use the comment box at the checkout screen to state the length you desire.
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Zinc Cast Rods - Price is Per Foot
Zinc Extruded Rods - Price is per Foot